About us
The company was established in 2016 by a team of specialists in the field of development of protected electronics, as well as the transfer of domestic defense technologies for the production of electronic and computer equipment to the civil sectors.The PRIME-DETAL company was established in 2016 with the aim of organizing the transfer of defense technologies of protected electronics and promising domestic-made complexes to civilian industrial sectors.

The key factor in achieving our goal was the State program " development of industry and increasing its competitiveness "and the decree Of the Government of the Russian Federation"on the establishment of the government Commission on import substitution". The main areas of activity are: - development and production of computer equipment; - development and production of information display media; - mechanical processing of various types of metal and plastics; - powder coating of metal products.

The manufactured products are based on modules of domestic production and operate under the astralinux and Windows operating systems, ensuring the implementation of tasks in difficult climatic conditions throughout the Russian Federation.

Our products are used in stationary and mobile components (such as "operator's console", "Manager's console", "Remote computer", etc.), automated workplaces, land-based, air-based, and sea-based information display media in the following areas: - automated control systems and automation systems; - detection, targeting, and tracking stations; - control modules, data acquisition modules, remote controls and video control panels; - means of carrying out technical control and accounting of technological parameters, as well as means of managing technological objects of storage and sale of products; - work places of the trainee from the complex simulators of both individual and joint training and training; - means of organizing an automated mobile workplace for field and field specialists.

The company operates under the Federal law "on the state defense order..." and is an integrator of more than ten organizations in the field of mechanical processing of various types of metal and plastics.

PRIME-DETAIL LLC has its own production base with an area of more than 1000 square meters, equipped with modern CNC equipment, a complex for applying polymer coatings and more than 100 employees.

The company has developed and implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001.
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