(TU 3670-001-93676316-2008, Declaration of conformity: TC N RU Д-RU.АБ51.В.00196)

1. Chamber of polymerization of powder materials "KP - 02" through passage with an internal volume of 1330x1900x2400, P = 36.8 kW
2. Powder-coating powder coating chamber plastic universal single-operator KN-03 with a working volume of 1050x1900x1100 with a filtration and recovery system SFR-01 with a power of 3 kW
3. Two-way transport system TS-02 L = 2400 with 4 monorails in the polymerization chamber (with a loading capacity of 500 kg)
4. Manual installations for powder painting SOOHO SH-210M (Korea) and Tesla Impuls (Korea)
    Detailed specifications
    Powder coating chamber
    The application chamber is intended for placement in it of products on which powder paints and varnishes are applied by electrostatic or trib static methods.

    Overall dimensions of the internal volume of the application chamber:
    Width - 1050 mm
    Height - 1900 mm
    Depth - 1100 mm

    The walls of the application chamber are made of plastic.

    For uniform illumination of products, the camera is equipped with lighting.

    For loading and unloading products, as well as for painting at the ends of the chamber, bending doors are provided.

    To move products in the chamber above the ceiling mounted monorail. The suspension capacity of the application chamber is not more than 135 kg. At the same time, the load should be distributed evenly over a length of at least 2 meters and at least three traverses. The load on one traverse should not exceed 45 kg.

    The power frame of the application chamber must be reliably grounded.
    Powder polymerization chamber
    The polymerization chamber is designed for the following standard program: ensuring the process of melting and polymerization of powdered polymer materials on heat-resistant products at a temperature of 110 - 230 ° C.

    Overall dimensions of the internal volume of the polymerization chamber:
    Width - 1330 mm
    Height - 1900 mm
    Depth - 2400 mm

    There are two pairs of swing doors for loading and unloading products at the ends of the chamber.

    Inside the polymerization chamber, 4 monorails are fixed under the ceiling (the distance between the extreme axes is 1000 mm), inside which the traverse of the suspension can move. The suspension capacity of the camera is up to 500 kg. In this case, the evenly distributed load on one monorail is not more than 125 kg and not more than 45 kg per one traverse of the suspension.
    Filtration and Recovery System
    FRS is designed to remove powder materials not deposited on the product in the application chamber, to collect the powder with a view to its reuse and air purification.

    Technical characteristics of each SFR:

    • The amount of air purified by the recuperator is not less than 2700 m3 / hour
    • The degree of air purification - not less than 99.9%
    • Fan motor power - 3 kW
    Manual installations for powder painting SOOHO SH-210M (Korea) and Tesla Impuls (Korea)
    High-performance, professional, reliable manual equipment for spraying powder paints in an electrostatic field with a tank of 40 liters and 1 liter and the PULS COATING function,
    PULS COATING technology allows you to:

    • improve the quality of the coating by forming a more even layer with a thickness of 40-70 microns;
    • reduce the consumption of powder paint by about 20%;
    • increase the efficiency of staining hard-to-reach spots due to the constant recharging of particles, which allows them to reach hard-to-reach spots without losing electrostatic attraction forces;
    • increase the efficiency of repainting surfaces;

    Reduce the effect of the "orange peel" until it disappears completely.
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